Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policynal data collected during your business relationship with Teamsters Canada Foundation and/or during use of our website is processed by us according to the legal regulations valid for the countries in which Teamsters Canada Foundation is conducting its business activities and/or the website is maintained. However, our website might include links to other websites or applications that are not necessarily covered by this Privacy Policy. In this event, we encourage you to carefully read the relevant privacy policies.

The information collected and how it is used

If you provide unique identifying information, such as name, address and other information on forms stored on TEAMSTERS CANADA FOUNDATION (, this information will not be published or made available for general access or sold to third parties. The information collected this way will be used to contact you on the subject about which you have expressed your interest.

We may also use this data to improve the layout and arrangement of TEAMSTERS CANADA FOUNDATION (, to notify you of changes and new products / services available on our website, to inform you of special events or to announce any particular offers that might match your interest.

Access to the data is limited to the authorized group of employees and Internet service providers specially assigned to TEAMSTERS CANADA FOUNDATION ( and only in the course of their work. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, simply unsubscribe or send us an e-mail to inform us.

Protecting your confidential data

We observe strict measures of security when archiving and disclosing the information that you have sent to us to avoid any unauthorized access. As a result, we may ask you to verify your identity before sending you confidential information.


Files commonly known as cookies are information that an HTTP server saves on your computer's hard drive-in order to identify you. Our cookies do not contain confidential information. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can deny them by changing "Your preferences" on your computer. Even without cookies, you can still access most content on our website. Teamsters Canada Foundation may use personal identification details transferred through cookies for statistics, promotion, or marketing purposes.

Sending your information to third parties

Teamsters Canada Foundation guarantees utmost confidentiality and promises not to disclose or sell any information whatsoever about you or about the recipient alone to any third party.

Law 25

In accordance with law 25, for any request or information concerning the use of your personal information, to assert your right of erasure and dereferencing, you may contact our responsible for the protection of personal information:

Guillaume Richard


Teamsters Canada Foundation




The Teamsters Canada Foundation Web site and information it presents are provided by Teamsters Canada Foundation for information purposes only.


Teamsters Canada Foundation constantly strives to assure the topicality, accuracy and entirety of the information presented on this Web site. Nevertheless, Teamsters Canada Foundation reserves the right to modify the site and the information presented herein at any time, without prior notice.


In consulting this Web site, you assume all risks of using the information and resources contained herein. Teamsters Canada Foundation does not accept any liability for errors and will not be held responsible for any damages arising from the use of the information or resources found on this site or that of a third party linked to this site. All information is subject to independent verification prior to its use. Visitors are encouraged to contact Teamsters Canada Foundation to assure the accuracy of the information presented on this Web site.

Information Provided “As Is”

The information and resources furnished on this Web site and third party Web sites is provided on an “as is” basis. Teamsters Canada Foundation makes no representation and offers no guarantee (explicit or tacit) as to the accuracy, quality, probable results or validity of the use of information or resources provided on this Web site or otherwise linked with these resources and information, or on third party Web sites linked with this site.

Links to Third Party Websites

Links between third party Web sites and the Teamsters Canada Foundation Web site are provided solely for practical reasons. Teamsters Canada Foundation does not support and approve their content in any way whatsoever. Moreover, the content and opinions expressed on third party Web sites and links are solely those of the third parties in question. Teamsters Canada Foundation reserves the right to accept or refuse any request for referrals or links to third party Web sites.


All information and resources presented on this Web site are the exclusive property of Teamsters Canada Foundation. Teamsters Canada Foundation does not relinquish any of its property rights (namely its copyright), its brand rights, or any of its other intellectual property rights. Please refer to the pages on copyright and privacy to obtain more details concerning content usage and information gathering practices.


All articles, texts, illustrations, images, photographs, information, audio clips, video clips, software and codes available on the Teamsters Canada Foundation Web site (including the manner in which they are presented) are protected by Canadian and foreign law (most notably in the area of copyright) and are the property of Teamsters Canada Foundation.

Visitors are authorized to distribute news presented on the Teamsters Canada Foundation Web site via their own blogs or social networks, on the condition that the news source is identified.

Use of the Teamsters Canada Foundation logo, as well as images and videos found on the site, is permitted on the condition that it is not distorted, misrepresented or used under circumstances that could undermine the reputation of Teamsters Canada Foundation, its members, employees or their officers.


Policy Modifications

As technology continues to evolve, Teamsters Canada Foundation reserves the right to modify the present confidentiality policy, to gather new information about visitors to the Web site, and to modify its use of such information, subject to Canadian laws concerning personal privacy.