2020 - Teamsters Canada Foundation donates $8,000 to Food Banks of Saskatchewan

The Teamsters Canada Foundation is donating $8,000 to Food Banks of Saskatchewan.

Saskatoon, May 25, 2020 — The Teamsters Canada Foundation is donating $8,000 to Food Banks of Saskatchewan.

Food Banks of Saskatchewan defends the interests of all the province’s food banks to ensure they are solid and supported. It gathers and shares relevant statistics, reinforces partnerships with provincial distributors, encourages members to network locally with businesses and organizes fundraising efforts.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously impacted people’s incomes and their ability to feed their family,” said Randy Powers, President of the Prairies Joint Council of the Teamsters Union. “Teamsters Canada Foundation decided to engage directly with charities in light of the enormous need, and because we never shy away from a major challenge to help community members.”

Laurie O’Connor, Executive Director of Food Banks of Saskatchewan has this to say, “Food Banks across Saskatchewan know that COVID-19 has disrupted life as we know it. The demand for food will be significant in the coming weeks and months as everyone responds to the changes this virus has thrust upon us. In these unprecedented times we witness the strength and spirit of generosity of supporters across the province. Thank you to the Teamsters Canada Foundation for stepping up to support the most vulnerable in our communities.”

The Teamsters Canada Foundation has pledged its support to several charitable organizations across the country, with donations totalling $300,000.

“Canadians are showing remarkable solidarity and generosity,” said François Laporte, Chairman of the Teamsters Canada Foundation and President of Teamsters Canada. “We have a duty to act when we can help our fellow citizens, and that’s what we’re doing alongside all our partners across Canada.”

Funds raised by the Teamsters Canada Foundation through its charitable activities come from private donations, not from the dues of Teamsters members. The Canada Revenue Agency also requires that foundations donate funds directly to charitable organizations rather than individuals.

The Teamsters Canada Foundation also accepts individual donations by following this link.

The mission of the Teamsters Canada Foundation is to help the most vulnerable of our society through charities present in Canadian communities. The Foundation also supports workers who want to improve their lives by retraining or by taking courses to change or advance their career.


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