Teamsters Canada Foundation donates over $300,000 to Charities

Teamsters Canada Foundation charitable activity
Teamsters Canada Foundation charitable activity

The Teamsters Canada Foundation will give over $300,000 to charitable organizations across the country. The officers of the Teamsters Union held emergency meetings last week to discuss how the Foundation could help the most vulnerable in our society.

Funds raised by the Teamsters Canada Foundation through its charitable activities comes from private donations, not from the dues of Teamsters members. The Canada Revenue Agency also requires that foundations donate funds directly to charitable organizations rather than individuals.

Our union representatives, local union officers and Teamsters Canada personnel have been deployed across the country since the pandemic started to ensure our membershealth and safety,” explained François Laporte, Chairman of the Teamsters Canada Foundation. The second step of our action during COVID-19 consists of involving the Teamsters Canada Foundation in all regions across the country to meet the most urgent needs of our fellow citizens.”

The Foundations mission is to help societys most vulnerable through charities that are already active in Canadian communities. The COVID-19 pandemic will be our first large-scale action.

Despite the programs put in place by the various levels of government, hundreds of thousands of Canadians are facing major challenges right now,” said the union leader. The Foundations help could make the difference for a friend, a neighbour, an elderly, and others you cross paths with daily.”

Teamsters Canada Foundation actions will combine with those of the many Canadians who have shown remarkable solidarity in recent weeks. Together, we can lighten the burden shouldered by many men and women in every corner of the country.

The pandemic isnt over. We will continue the fight, and we will emerge stronger than ever,” said Mr. Laporte. 

The Teamsters Canada Foundation also accepts individual donations through its Web site, by following this link.

The mission of the Teamsters Canada Foundation is to help the most vulnerable of our society through charities present in Canadian communities. The Foundation also supports workers who want to improve their lives by retraining or by taking courses to change or advance their career.

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